Traditionally, dental implants were placed into a patient’s mouth with the aid of film-based X-rays to help with proper depth and angle. While effective, there is now a better option with advanced dental technology. Through the use of SIMPLANT technology, Brand Ahn, our periodontist in Larkspur, CA, can use 3D imaging to handle scanning, mapping the area  and implant placement. Such advancements give patients several advantages.  

 Safer, More Predictable Process  

Dental implants have always had a high rate of success, but with new technology, the process is made even safer. Better imaging capabilities allows our periodontist to find any potential complications before the dental implant procedure even begins. This allows us to find a solution that works for you before we begin the surgery.  

 Faster Results  

 With greater planning, our periodontist will complete the surgery much faster. It is still a surgery, so you will require some form of anesthetic. However, you will not have to spend as much time in the periodontist’s chair which allowing you to begin the recovery process much sooner. In some cases, the dental implant can be put into place in about 20 minutes.  

 Improved Patient Education  

Before the surgery, our periodontist will speak with you at-length about the procedure. It is vital for you, as the patient, to understand what will happen, so you feel 100 percent confident in the treatment. The images are much more detailed, so you have a greater understanding of what we will do.  

 Less Invasive Techniques  

Since our periodontist can pinpoint the precise zone for the surgery, you get to enjoy reduced discomfort. It also allows for a quicker recovery through an expedited healing process.  

 Ask Us About Dental Implants  

Anyone with a missing tooth should schedule a consultation with Dr. Brand Ahn to see if they are a viable candidate. We will examine your mouth thoroughly, and even if you do not qualify for dental implants, we will recommend an alternative treatment to assist you.