Advanced Technology Sets a High Standard for Dental Care

Marin Periodontics maintains a high standard of care for all patients by using advanced and innovative periodontal care techniques. Our modern office is equipped with several dental technologies that allow us to perform procedures and services with a high degree of accuracy and optimal results. From the Prexion Cone Beam system to modern microscopes, we pride ourselves on providing a high standard of periodontal care services to all of our patients.

Digital x-rays help us obtain high-quality images of the mouth and jaw within seconds. These images can be used to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis and give patients a chance to see quality images during their visit. Using a digital X-ray system can speed up appointment times and ensures patients are exposed to less radiation.

We can see your teeth and gums with more clarity using an intraoral camera. Using this camera helps us perform a more accurate diagnosis and gives both the doctor and patient a chance to see the condition of their mouth in real-time. We can perform a more accurate diagnosis using this innovative technology.

The Prexion Cone Beam system allows us to view 3D images of the face and jaw to diagnose more complex dental conditions. This system is especially effective for identifying periodontal disease, TMJ, oral infections, tumors, and ideal implant placement locations.

Using an intraoral scanner eliminates the need to take traditional dental impressions which in turn can enhance the patient experience. We can use this scanner to take a 3D digital scan of your teeth and bite, make adjustments, and then transmit the information wirelessly for processing.

We use SIMPLANT technology to ensure dental implants are placed successfully and that you achieve the ideal results. SIMPLANT allows us to perform computer guided implant treatment and takes care of a ll of the dental scanning, planning, drilling, and implant placement tasks using 3D technology. Learn More >>
Used for bone grafting procedures, PIEZOSURGERY® uses ultrasonic vibrations to gently and accurately cut bone tissue without causing trauma to the gum tissue. With this minimally-invasive technology, you can experience a more comfortable procedure and faster healing times.
If you fear needles, we can effectively numb the treatment site using The Wand®, a computer-assisted, syringe-free system for comfortable administration of targeted anesthesia. Read more about our Sedation options
An implant planning system that uses 3D technology to provide clear visuals on the bone, nerves, and teeth for treatment planning of dental implants. The improved precision and accuracy during the procedure ensure predicable and aesthetic results.
We offer Biolase in-office laser whitening system. The difference in the Biolase system is in the laser technology. The laser light is quicker and provides great results, as opposed to the blue simple light that is most commonly used in dental offices.

The process is very simple. It takes approximately twenty minutes from start to finish and results can be seen immediately. Same patients should expect to see an improvement of six to nine shades whiter, and additional whitening over the next forty eight hours if proper cleaning procedures are followed.

The procedure itself is painless and patients aren’t experiencing the same level of sensitivity they might have from other bleaching methods.