Dental Implant process overview

So you're thinking about receiving dental implants, what happens now? For most people, the thought of having a dental implant surgically placed within their jaw can be very intimidating and daunting. In truth, the dental implant process does not need to be a stressful experience.


Let's review the dental implant process to familiarize yourself with the experience before the procedure.


How long does it take

Determining the length of your implant procedure will be based on several factors such as

  • Your overall dental health

  • The number of teeth involved in the procedure

  • The location of the teeth

  • And various other micro procedures that may need to be fulfilled before the main implant treatment


Of course, there may be other factors that you may need to determine before your procedure but typically a single tooth implant treatment can take up to 1 to 2 hours from start to finish. The time frame will change depending on if multiple implants need to be placed.


Trust the Process

The dental implant procedure process is usually broken up within two phases. The first phase normally consists of numbing your mouth with local anesthesia the dentist making incisions within your gums where the implant will go to expose and operate on the bone underneath your gums. Placing the implants post within your jaw. Once the post is in place the gums are then closed over the implant and stitched to start the recovery process so the titanium post can integrate with your jaw bone. 


The second phase of the treatment consists of the dentist re-exposing the implant’s post. Suppose will then be fitted with are a custom-made crown to restore the appearance of a natural-looking tooth where the implant is placed.



After your surgery, it's typical to sustain some bruising and swelling within your gums and soft tissues. Although this may be somewhat discomforting you can subdue the pain with ordinary painkillers such as ibuprofen.


More Information

As you can see the implant process is an extensive one but should not be feared. In the hands of a professional, your dental implant procedure will be painless and finished before you know it.


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