There are several ways for our dentist in Larkspur, CA to replace missing teeth. However, for a restoration that lasts for decades, you need to ask Dr. Brand J. Ahn about dental implants. In addition to lasting for years on end, dental implants also require zero diet restrictions, stimulate bone regeneration and support healthy function of neighboring teeth. To treat a wider range of oral health problems, our office even offers single, multiple and full-arch solutions.  

Single implants are the most common, and they are used to replace one missing tooth. The procedure requires a titanium post to be inserted into the jawbone. Once the post fuses with the bone through osseointegration, an abutment, made of either porcelain, gold or titanium, is put on top and this connects the crown to the implant. Once the crown is secured, the patient has a natural-looking restoration that functions like a regular tooth.  

When several teeth are missing in a row, our dentist will recommend an implant-supported bridge to fill in the gap. This bridge contains a set of several teeth with two implant posts on both ends of the structure. With implants in place, patients do not have to contend with restorations slipping out of position. Additionally, patients can eat foods, such as apples, corn on the cob and steak which they would be unable to eat otherwise.  

Patients considering dentures should see if full-arch dental implants would be preferable. Whether the patient needs the restoration on the upper or lower arch, four implant posts are utilized to secure a full row of teeth. Full-arch implants are recommended for patients who are already missing all of their teeth or who have such significant oral degradation that a full mouth extraction has already been recommended by a dental professional.  

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