Gum Disease
Thanks to advancements in laser dentistry it is now easier than ever before to have laser gum disease treatment. Also, unlike traditional forms of gum disease treatment laser gum surgery is minimally invasive and it also offers the patient less discomfort. In addition, laser gum surgery is more precise meaning that the bad gum tissue is able to be removed without affecting the remaining good tissue.

How Does Laser Gum Surgery Work?
Laser gum surgery works by using a dental laser to precisely target any of the diseased gum tissue without affecting any of the surrounding healthy tissue. Laser gum surgery is most often used to treat gum disease in its early stage known as gingivitis or its advanced stage also known as periodontitis.

Eight Benefits of Treatment
There are a few benefits of laser gum disease treatment to learn more about them review the list below:

  • Sealing of deep periodontal pockets
  • Eliminates or reduces the loss of teeth
  • Regenerates ligament and bone tissue
  • No bleeding of your gums after treatment
  • Reduced need for anesthesia, as pain is minimal
  • Reduced anxiety in patients that fear the dentist
  • Healthy tooth is preserved during cavity removal
  • Minimal swelling when soft tissues are treated

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