Caring for your gums is just as critical as taking good care of your teeth because even the healthiest of teeth are only as strong as the gingiva, or gums, that holds them in place. And even the most valiant attempts to reverse gum disease at home can fail. On top of all that, fear of discomfort at the dentist’s office can cause people to put off a visit to a periodontist, a dentist specializing in treating gum disease. 

Thanks to advancements in laser dentistry, there are way fewer excuses for putting off a visit to the periodontist and letting gum disease progress beyond the point of no return.

How does Laser Gum Treatment work? 

A lot of people develop a common, but reversible, gum disease called gingivitis, wherein the gingiva becomes inflamed, irritated and swollen. Laser gum treatment is especially effective in combating gingivitis.  

Periodontal laser therapy is a straightforward, painless and also non-surgical way to remove damaged tissue around the teeth to promote the growth of healthy tissue in its place.

Lasers are beneficial for treating gum infections because they can target damaged areas with precision, accuracy and negligible discomfort for the patient. Periodontal laser therapy is also non-invasive, meaning you can expect much less bleeding, pain and swelling when comparing it to conventional means.

Is Laser Gum Therapy Right for Me?

While laser therapy offers many benefits over conventional means, it’s better to go the traditional route of treatment when gum disease has progressed well beyond its early stages to what’s known as periodontitis – gum disease that’s has advanced to the point of threatening the gums and jawbone with irreversible damage, such as periodontal pockets.

After the damaged tissue is removed, some individuals might also need scaling and root planing to remove plaque built up beneath the gum line and close to the roots of the teeth.

Where to Next?

Even if laser periodontal therapy isn’t the sole solution for your needs, you and your dentist can work out a treatment plan that includes it and discuss ways you can make the most out of your gum disease therapy supporting over-the-counter solutions.

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