If you ask anybody in the world nine times out of ten, they will have a fear of something. Many people share a fear of going to the dentist. This fear can manifest itself for different reasons, but the one thing to keep in mind is that fearing the dentist does nothing positive for your oral health. If your dental fear is so strong that it prevents you from receiving the proper oral care you need, then Dr. Ahn the great dental team at Marin Periodontics might have a solution to your dental phobia. Sedation dentistry is a very popular dental method during a patient's visit to hinder any anxiety they might have during their visit. The medication used gives the patient a sense of relaxation to allow them to receive the proper treatment.

Since its inception, sedation dentistry has grown and evolved so that sedative can be administered different ways.

Types of sedation dentistry options


You can receive a sedative in the form of a pill, or you can also receive a numbing agent the direct area of importance during your visit. These sedation methods commonly referred as oral sedatives and local anesthesia, respectively.

IV Sedation  

Another type of treatment used in sedation dentistry can administered an IV. Commonly known as IV sedation this technique performed if you were receiving an IV treatment from a medical facility except for the associated medication slowly allows you to drift into a dreamlike state during the duration of your dental appointment.

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Fear of the dentist shouldn’t deter you from receiving the dental help you deserve. To learn more about our different sedation options, contact our offices in Larkspur, California to schedule an appointment to speak with Dr. Ahn have all your dental questions answered.