Many people struggle with dental anxiety. It is much more common than most people realize with some estimates reporting that between nine and 15 percent of Americans have a fear of the dentist. As a result, many people avoid getting dental treatments entirely. Luckily, there is a cure for this phobia, and it is reliant on sedation dentistry.  
 Nitrous Oxide  
For individuals with a mild fear of the dentist or have trouble remaining calm in the dentist’s chair, nitrous oxide is a huge asset. It is colloquially referred to as “laughing gas.” It does not use any needles, and its effects quickly onset. The patient remains fully conscious and can follow any instructions the dentist provides, such as opening the mouth wider. Additionally, the patient can drive home following the appointment.  
 IV Sedation  
 This form of sedation is administered intravenously, making the individual drowsy. It is a safe option for people with circulatory disorders, diabetes and heart disease. Patients can still breathe on their own, and in the event someone becomes uncomfortable over the course of the procedure, the patient can alert the dentist of the situation. There are fewer side effects, and there is a decreased likelihood of nausea and blood clots.  
 Local Anesthesia  
Anesthesia is generally the only option available to patients who require extreme dental procedures, such as extractions and cyst removal. Unlike general anesthesia, a local anesthetic will only numb one certain area of the mouth where the dentist needs to operate. In some cases, the dentist is able to combine an anesthetic with only forms of sedation to make the patient much calmer.  
 All These Forms of Sedation Are Available at Our Office   Millions of Americans benefit from sedation dentistry every year, and Dr. Brand Ahn has helped numerous people in the Larkspur, CA area get the treatments the need. Schedule your appointment, and make sure to ask about sedation if you feel anxious in the dentist’s chair.