A great smile is made up of many features including a healthy gum line. Not everyone enjoys optimum gum health so a little help from a professionally trained periodontist in Larkspur, CA like Dr. Brand Ahn is necessary. People with a receding gum line can experience many symptoms in addition to feeling self-conscious about the appearance of their smile. For instance, gum recession is often associated with tooth sensitivity. As the gum tissue pulls back from the tooth enamel, the sensitive dentin layer is exposed; this substance can be easily irritated by heat and cold. A receding gum line can be successfully treated. Here at Marin Periodontics we offer a variety of treatment solutions for this painful condition.  
Gum Grafting  
Grafting new tissue onto the gum line is a traditional way of treating gum recession. This is an ideal solution for many patients and it is a highly dependable approach to treating gum recession. Gum grafting restores tissue and protects teeth while also enhancing the appearance of your smile.  

Pinhole Surgical Technique  
Dr. Ahn uses this innovative, minimally invasive technique to restore receding gum tissue.
The Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST) has many important advantages:  
 ·         The gum line is restored without incision or sutures
 ·         Multiple teeth can be treated at once
 ·         Only minimal pain and discomfort is associated with this technique
 ·         Patients recover faster and can return to their usual routine  
 Why Do Gums Recede?   Gum tissue might recede from tooth enamel for several reasons. Patients experiencing periodontal disease are likely to have some degree of gum recession occurring. Aggressive brushing can also cause trauma to the gum tissue, causing it to recede. Tobacco use is another cause of receding gum tissue, as is bruxism (teeth grinding).     

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