Tooth sensitivity is generally normal to feel every now and again, but when a new tooth pain pops up, it is important to have your symptoms checked by a professional. Inflamed or bleeding gums, along with abnormal tooth pain may indicate a serious problem. Rectifying these pains may need to be immediate.

Attempting to go through oral pain without receiving care could have you damaging your teeth, causing soft tissue decay, or even tooth loss. If this happens, and you feel like you have gone too far, it’s not too late. Dental implants leave your smile looking great again, and have you feeling like you’ve never missed a beat. Some warning signs you may need immediate attention may include:

Chipped Teeth

If your teeth have chipped and you begin to experience pain below the gum line, you should see your periodontist in Larkspur, CA, as soon as possible. Chipping a tooth and leaving it to be left unfixed causes your tooth to become more susceptible to infection. Bacteria can enter the sensitive pulp through the chipped tooth and cause damage to your bone and your soft tissue. If you leave your tooth unchecked, it could lead to damage requiring you to need a root canal, or dental implants.

Tooth or Gum Decay

Tooth or Gum decay causes the teeth to become sensitive, especially when pressure is applied to them. With sensitivity to the teeth, even the simplest of tasks, such as eating and drinking, cause your mouth to ache. Left untreated, tooth decay and/or gum decay can leave you with losing your teeth and leave you with symptoms such as chronic bad breath.

Losing or Missing Teeth

Teeth can fall out for a number of reasons, but when the cause is tooth decay, it is imperative to have them replaced to keep you from losing jaw bone density. Loss of jawbone density will cause your facial structure to deteriorate. To prevent this, speak to your periodontist to see if you could be a candidate for dental implants.

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